The AC-2 is a fully-programmable pickup winding machine for luthiers & small-volume manufacturers. It's the only fully-automated standalone desktop pickup winding machine on the market.

Features include multiple automated winding modes (including scatter-wind emulation), multiple manual winding modes (preset sizes or full-manual control), a sophisticated polarity detection mode which displays orientation and field strength, and automatic software update capabilities (via WiFi).

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Design & development is now complete, and manufacturing is currently being sought.

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Software Development

Chassis & Parts Design

Manufacturing Logistics


Prototype Test

This is a quick test that displays two winding modes - standard strafe and simulated scatter winding. The annoying rattling noise is a makeshift spool holder off-camera, and vibration on the 3D-printed PLA chassis. The production model will be significantly quieter - 2.5mm steel chassis and motor dampers have been added to the design. Please note that this is an early, 3-D printed prototype test - the production machine has undergone months of refinement. A new video will be uploaded soon!